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How to calm a cat?

A cat is a creature with a very delicate mental organization. Everything can stress them out: a change of residence, new food in the bowl, guests in the house or, conversely, a prolonged absence of the host. There are several ways to help your cat cope with stress without using drugs and sedatives.

Cats may not have musical ears, but their hearing is perfect. But the perception of music is different from ours. Scientists from the Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin joined with musicians at the University of Maryland School of Music to discover empirically what kind of music cats like. In short, the frequency range of the sounds and the rhythm of the music should match the sounds and rhythms of the cat's natural communication. This "natural communication" of cats is different. They may scream, hiss, or beg for food. They grunt, grunt, and even snore. Therefore, music like hissing and screaming will wake them up. Similar to rumble and grunt - for safety. Meanwhile, younger cats responded more strongly to music than older cats. 

Low-frequency vibrations rumble, chirping birds, chirping insects and slow-moving melodies—that's the recipe for cat music. When you go to work, to the vet, or on vacation, leave the cat with a friend -- turn up the music for him so he's less worried.

With the help of cat aromatherapy, you can reduce the stress your cat experiences when moving to a new home, visiting the vet, or seeing new creatures in the home. Often, flavoring agents based on pheromones, which are elusive to human scents, are recommended. Pheromones are chemical compounds that animals (and humans) use to transmit specific signals to individuals of their kind. They work on a subconscious level - often you don't even understand why you feel uncomfortable with a decent-looking citizen and why, instead, you feel inexplicable sympathy for an idiot. When a cat rubs its nose against objects or people, it "marks" them -- leaving a grease trail. Some scientists believe that these tracks may contain pheromones that calm cats and mark the boundaries of their territories. Strictly speaking, the existence of this "facial" pheromone has not been proven, but the industry is already producing its synthetic "analogs".

Artificial pheromones mimic the smell of "facial" and mother pheromones, causing the cat a sense of peace and security. They are made based on valerian essential oils and organic fatty acids, and sold in the form of wet wipes, sprays or diffusers. According to manufacturers, such pheromones help the vast majority of cats get rid of stress and even bad habits. Another type of soothing aromatherapy is products based on essential oils. At home, you can use lavender oil. You can buy a soothing collar. It is usually impregnated with essential oils of lavender and chamomile mixed with soothing pheromones. Impregnation retains its effect for a month or a little more, helping the cat to survive the stress of new experiences, visits to the veterinarian or trips to the country.

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